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UPC 9786071115096 Una Vida de Lujo = A Life of Luxury 

Image of ISBN 9786071115096
ISBN 9786071115096 - Una Vida de Lujo = A Life of Luxury

ISBN 9786071115096

Una Vida de Lujo = A Life of Luxury
   Image of Barcode 9786071115096

       Barcode of ISBN 9786071115096

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Product Name: Una Vida de Lujo = A Life of Luxury

ISBN 9786071115096

Description : In Una vida de lujo, essentially the most contemporary work and final installment within the Stockholm Noir Trilogy, acclaimed creator Jens Lapidus breathes existence into a plethora of characters whose reports are time and again intertwined over a original backdrop: main crime hits that jar the very core of an it sounds as if peaceable society. Tired of his lifestyles, Jorge resolves to danger it all and once again cross onto the other side of the regulation. This hit might be his final and his largest and he's set to make a fortune. After his release from jail, JW is satisfied that money laundering is his ticket to the top. Someone is stalking Radovan Kranjic, the executive mafia baron, an

ISBN 9786071115096 Una Vida de Lujo = A Life of Luxury

ISBN: 9786071115096
EAN-13: 9 786071 115096
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 6071115096
Gtin13: 9786071115096
Gtin: 09786071115096

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EAN-13: 9 786071 115096
ISBN-10 , Asin and Amazon's sku: 6071115096
Gtin: 09786071115096