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UPC 9781921879456 The Sporting Life 

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ISBN 9781921879456 - The Sporting Life

ISBN 9781921879456

The Sporting Life
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       Barcode of ISBN 9781921879456

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Product Name: The Sporting Life

ISBN 9781921879456

Description : Warning: some stories in this collection may be BarbarianSpy Xtreme.A big, wild anthology of 36 gay erotica stories, about athletes and fans and coaches being bad, very bad, and extremely good at doing it. The sporting life means something slightly different to the men who love men than it means to the usual sportsman. To many, the goal of a sport is to play the game and to win by achieving the best score. In this collection of three dozen stories, many of which have never been published before, habu explores, sometimes with intensity and sometime tongue in cheek, sport as merely the framework in which to achieve an entirely different goal and to score in a much different meaning of the term

ISBN 9781921879456 The Sporting Life

ISBN: 9781921879456
EAN-13: 9 781921 879456
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 1921879456
Gtin: 09781921879456

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EAN-13: 9 781921 879456
ISBN-10 , Asin and Amazon's sku: 1921879456
Gtin: 09781921879456