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UPC 9781101150962 Vlad the Impaler 

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ISBN 9781101150962 - Vlad the Impaler

ISBN 9781101150962

Vlad the Impaler
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       Barcode of ISBN 9781101150962

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Product Name: Vlad the Impaler

ISBN 9781101150962

Description : Read Sid Jaconson's posts on the Penguin Blog Two legends of the comic book industry bring to life the story of gore and lust that inspired Dracula. Vlad the man had a devilish streak-a vicious temper, a passion for women, and a thirst for revenge. Vlad the ruler was a true devil-a relentless torturer, a brutal murderer, and a paranoid leader whose megalomania would be his own undoing. Responsible for the merciless deaths of thousands, this savage 15th century ruler earned himself the moniker Vlad the Impaler. His bloody reign struck terror into the hearts of his disciples and inspired generations of vampire myths-most famously Bram Stoker's ghoulish protagonist, Dracula. However that belove

ISBN 9781101150962 Vlad the Impaler

ISBN: 9781101150962
EAN-13: 9 781101 150962
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 1101150962
Gtin: 09781101150962

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EAN-13: 9 781101 150962
ISBN-10 , Asin and Amazon's sku: 1101150962
Gtin: 09781101150962