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UPC 9780988797901 The FabYOUList B00DY0NCAI 

Image of ISBN 9780988797901
ISBN 9780988797901 - The FabYOUList B00DY0NCAI

ISBN 9780988797901

   Barcode ISBN 9780988797901

       Barcode of ISBN 9780988797901

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Product Name: The FabYOUList B00DY0NCAI

ISBN 9780988797901

Description : There comes a time in every woman's life when she realizes that the dreams she had as a girl are growing farther away in the rearview mirror. What can you do to make those childhood ambitions a reality?Join author Susan Campbell Cross as she tackles that very question in The FabYOUList: List It, Live It, Love Your Life, an inspiring, humorous and heartfelt story of reinvention. Susan's declaration of, There are so many things I thought I would have done by now!" led her to reflect upon what exactly those things were. Pen and paper in hand, she composed a wish I had done" list and challenged herself to do everything on it before her 40th birthday. Fly on the trapeze, skinny dip, learn to surf

ISBN 9780988797901 The FabYOUList B00DY0NCAI

ISBN: 9780988797901
EAN-13: 9 780988 797901
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 0988797901
Asin and Amazon's sku: B00DY0NCAI
Gtin13: 9780988797901
Gtin: 09780988797901
price data : $10.69 - NewCondition - InStock

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