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UPC 9780889227200 Dispatches from the Occupation 

Image of ISBN 9780889227200
ISBN 9780889227200 - Dispatches from the Occupation

ISBN 9780889227200

Dispatches from the Occupation
   Barcode ISBN 9780889227200

       Barcode of ISBN 9780889227200

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Product Name: Dispatches from the Occupation

ISBN 9780889227200

Description : Somewhere at the core of almost every intellectual discipline is an attempt to explain change why and how things change, and how we negotiate these transformations. These are among the most ancient of philosophical questions. In this collection of essays, award-winning poet Stephen Collis investigates how the Occupy movement grapples with these questions as it once again takes up the cause of social, economic, and political change. Dispatches from the Occupation opens with a meditation on the Occupy movement and its place in the history of recent social movements. Strategies, tactics, and the experiments with participatory democracy and direct action are carefully parsed and explained. How a

ISBN 9780889227200 Dispatches from the Occupation

ISBN: 9780889227200
EAN-13: 9 780889 227200
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 0889227200
Gtin13: 9780889227200
Gtin: 09780889227200
price data : $13.59 - NewCondition - InStock

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