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UPC 9780715328521 Panda 

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ISBN 9780715328521 - Panda

ISBN 9780715328521

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       Barcode of ISBN 9780715328521

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Product Name: Panda

ISBN 9780715328521

Description : With its large, friendly face and eyes exaggerated by black eye patches, China's national treasure, the giant panda, is instantly recognizable. Giant pandas spend most f their time trying to eat enough bamboo to survive. The rest is spent conserving energy, and solitary pandas can be seen strolling along, stopping to recline on riverside rocks or amongst ferns. The lower body-weight and physical size of panda cubs mean that they have more energy to spend, and are seen climbing trees, play-fighting, doing somersaults and playing with bamboo. Panda is a unique and intimate portrait of one of the world's best-loved animals. The extraordinary lives of the giant panda and the enchanting red pan

ISBN 9780715328521 Panda

ISBN: 9780715328521
EAN-13: 9 780715 328521
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 0715328521
Gtin: 09780715328521

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EAN-13: 9 780715 328521
ISBN-10 , Asin and Amazon's sku: 0715328521
Gtin: 09780715328521