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UPC 9780596554910 Understanding the Linux Kernel 

Image of ISBN 9780596554910
ISBN 9780596554910 - Understanding the Linux Kernel

ISBN 9780596554910

Understanding the Linux Kernel
   Barcode ISBN 9780596554910

       Barcode of ISBN 9780596554910

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Product Name: Understanding the Linux Kernel

ISBN 9780596554910

Description : In order to thoroughly understand what makes Linux tick and why it works so well on a wide variety of systems, you need to delve deep into the heart of the kernel. The kernel handles all interactions between the CPU and the external world, and determines which programs will share processor time, in what order. It manages limited memory so well that hundreds of processes can share the system efficiently, and expertly organizes data transfers so that the CPU isn't kept waiting any longer than necessary for the relatively slow disks. The third edition of Understanding the Linux Kernel takes you on a guided tour of the most significant data structures, algorithms, and programming tricks in

ISBN 9780596554910 Understanding the Linux Kernel

ISBN: 9780596554910
EAN-13: 9 780596 554910
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 0596554910
Gtin13: 9780596554910
Gtin: 09780596554910
price data : $38.39 - NewCondition - InStock

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