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UPC 9780375724466 Executioner's Current 

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ISBN 9780375724466 - Executioner's Current

ISBN 9780375724466

Executioner's Current
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       Barcode of ISBN 9780375724466

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Product Name: Executioner's Current

ISBN 9780375724466

Description : In this amazing story of high stakes competition between two titans, Richard Moran shows how the electric chair developed not out of the desire to be more humane but through an effort by one nineteenth-century electric company to discredit the other. In 1882, Thomas Edison ushered in the age of electricity when he illuminated Manhattan's Pearl Street with his direct current (DC) system. Six years later, George Westinghouse lit up Buffalo with his less expensive alternating current (AC). The two men quickly became locked in a fierce rivalry, made all the more complicated by a novel new application for their product: the electric chair. When Edison set out to persuade the state of New Yo

ISBN 9780375724466 Executioner's Current

ISBN: 9780375724466
EAN-13: 9 780375 724466
ISBN-10, Asin and Amazon's sku: 0375724466
Gtin: 09780375724466

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EAN-13: 9 780375 724466
ISBN-10 , Asin and Amazon's sku: 0375724466
Gtin: 09780375724466