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UPC 9008755000017 Vibrass Lip Massager 

Image of EAN 9008755000017
EAN 9008755000017 - Vibrass Lip Massager

EAN 9008755000017

Vibrass Lip Massager
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       Barcode of EAN 9008755000017

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Product Name: Vibrass Lip Massager

EAN 9008755000017

Description : The Vibrass Lip Massager is a completely new device for massaging the lips and facial muscles. A vibrating mouthpiece gently massages the lips, increasing blood circulation. Ideal for use before or after playing, Vibrass can be to aid in blood circulation during warm-up or can help to relax and regenerate the embouchure after a concert or practicing. Vibrass features ten different mouthpiece adapters to fit all types of brass mouthpieces, or can also be with oboe or bassoon reeds. Adapters fit ten different mouthpieces, including oboe and bassoon reedsPlus and minus control buttons to change the intensity of vibration to suit your own personal needs and to turn the device on and of

EAN 9008755000017 Vibrass Lip Massager

EAN: 9008755000017
EAN-13: 9 008755 000017
Gtin: 09008755000017

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EAN-13: 9 008755 000017
Gtin: 09008755000017