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UPC 625828552304 Deadland (dvd) 

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UPC 625828552304 - Deadland (dvd)

UPC 625828552304

Deadland (dvd)
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       Barcode of UPC 625828552304

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Product Name: Deadland (dvd)

UPC 625828552304

Description : In the radiation-infected aftermath of World War III, one man's desperate attempt to find his wife in the wastelands that were once the United States inspires his fellow survivors to fight for humanity. The bomb has dropped, and in the blink of an eye, America has been plunged back into the Stone Age. Money is worthless, food is scarce, and those who once thought they were fortunate to survive the initial attack are now slowly being consumed from the inside out, the victims of an all-consuming nuclear scourge. Before the war, Sean Kalos (Gary Weeks) was just a regular guy. But now his wife is nowhere to be found, and the former United States is broken up into the United Provinces. The change

UPC 625828552304 Deadland (dvd)

UPC: 625828552304

Target's sku: 13082492

UPC-A: 6 25828 55230 4
EAN-13: 0 625828 552304
Gtin: 00625828552304

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UPC-A: 6 25828 55230 4
EAN-13: 0 625828 552304
Gtin: 00625828552304