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UPC 5060189310036 Diago Micropower9 Power Supply 

Image of EAN 5060189310036
EAN 5060189310036 - Diago Micropower9 Power Supply

EAN 5060189310036

Diago Micropower9 Power Supply
   Barcode EAN 5060189310036

       Barcode of EAN 5060189310036

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Product Name: Diago Micropower9 Power Supply

EAN 5060189310036

Description : The Diago Micropower9 Power Supply uses low-noise digital technology for maximum efficiency. The Micropower9 is perfect as a direct universal replacement for hundreds of other proprietary bulky and ugly wall warts, as well as being ideal for smaller pedal boards of up to 6 pedals.The Diago Micropower9 uses digital switch mode technology, making it quiet, light, efficient and tiny, reliably powering your pedal(s) so you can concentrate on making music. 1000MA's of clean, quiet powerPowers up to 6 pedalsTiny footprintWeighs only 200 grams

EAN 5060189310036 Diago Micropower9 Power Supply

EAN: 5060189310036
EAN-13: 5 060189 310036
Gtin13: 5060189310036
Gtin: 05060189310036

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