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UPC 4000127201027 Kimberley Jim (dvd) 

Image of EAN 4000127201027 4000127201027
EAN 4000127201027 - Kimberley Jim (dvd)

EAN 4000127201027

Kimberley Jim (dvd)
   Image of Barcode 4000127201027

       Barcode of EAN 4000127201027

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Product Name: Kimberley Jim (dvd) 4000127201027

EAN 4000127201027

Description : 4000127201027 In this adventure set in the Kimberley diamond mines of South Africa around 1910, two American sharpsters make a living cheating the hapless miners at cards. The two end up winning a nonproductive mine during a bet. They decide to help the impoverished former owner pay his debts, but when the evil bar owner raises the water rates, the three find themselves busted. To scare up some cash, the Yankees stage a musical show. They succeed but then lose it all betting on a prizefight. Eventually, the mine starts producing a tremendous amount of diamonds, but by that time, the Yankees have had enough and leave the mine to its original owner and head for greener pastures. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

EAN 4000127201027 Kimberley Jim (dvd) 4000127201027

EAN: 4000127201027

Overstock's sku: 11014556

EAN-13: 4 000127 201027
Model or MPN: 4000127201027
Gtin: 04000127201027

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EAN-13: 4 000127 201027
Model or MPN: 4000127201027
Gtin: 04000127201027