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UPC 3139432220001 Talika - Eye Peeling 

Image of EAN 3139432220001
EAN 3139432220001 - Talika - Eye Peeling

EAN 3139432220001

Talika - Eye Peeling
   Barcode EAN 3139432220001

       Barcode of EAN 3139432220001

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Product Name: Talika - Eye Peeling

EAN 3139432220001

Description : The eye contour is the first area that shows fatigue and the signs of ageing: dark circles, bags and fine lines. Getting a "facelift" is therefore essential. So, exfoliating this area requires special attention and care and must stimulate cell renewal, reduce wrinkles and pigment spots, eliminate dead cells, smooth the eye contour and lighten the eyes at the same time. After just a few minutes, the kaolin detoxifies, purifies and rebalances the skin through the minerals it contains. During the exfoliation, it gently exfoliates and smoothes the epidermis while imparting increased radiance. The wild camomile flower soothes skin discomfort and moisturises. Eyes are soothed and dazzling with bea

EAN 3139432220001 Talika - Eye Peeling

EAN: 3139432220001
EAN-13: 3 139432 220001
Gtin13: 3139432220001
Gtin: 03139432220001

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