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UPC 000116013703 Denitrate - 34 oz. 

Image of UPC 000116013703
UPC 000116013703 - Denitrate - 34 oz.

UPC 000116013703

Denitrate - 34 oz.
   Barcode UPC 000116013703

       Barcode of UPC 000116013703

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Product Name: Denitrate - 34 oz.

UPC 000116013703

Description : Seachem Denitrate is an all natural filter media that provides both nitrate removal and biological filtration. The highly porous structure of the media allows for aerobic nitrifying bacteria to colonize the surface of the media; as well as anaerobic denitrifying bacteria withing the media.  The result is a high performance product that removes ammonia; nitrite and nitrate at the same time. Denitrate works best at lower flow rates; under 100 gph flow through.  At higher flow rates media will not provide anaerobic nitrate removal; but will still function as biological filtration.  For best nitrate removal; keep flow rates under 50 gph; to insure anaerobic bacterial growth. 34

UPC 000116013703 Denitrate - 34 oz.

UPC: 000116013703
UPC-A: 0 00116 01370 3
EAN-13: 0 000116 013703
Gtin13: 0000116013703
Gtin: 00000116013703

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