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How to use our website?
Each product has a Unique Identification Product Number that is 12-digits or 13-digits on a barcode that retailers use to scan through scanner when you checkout.
The best way to run a price comparison for a product is to search with the Unique identification Product Number ( 12-digits UPC or 13-digits EAN ).

To run a price comparison for a book is to search with the ISBN - International Standard Book Number ( ISBN is 13-digits with the first 3 digits 978 ).

If you don't have the Unique Identification Product Number try to search by MPN ( Manufacture Part Number ) or Model number .

If you want to run a price comparison for a product at a retailer and don't know the UPC or MPN you can try to search with SKU ( Stock Keeping Unit ) of that retailer .

Amazon.com name their Sku Asin , Walmart.com name their sku Walmart's number , Target.com name their sku Online item # , Macys.com name their sku Web ID and etc .

For SKU contains only digits and contains less than 8 digits search is less accurate . You can also search for products and books by Name .

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If you have problems with an order please contact the seller .

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